4 Questions to ask before you hire an Emergency plumber

4 Questions to ask before you hire an Emergency plumber

You need to call in a plumber – now!  But before you make the call, there are a couple of questions you need to ask your Plumber.

4 Questions to ask before you hire an emergency plumber

1. Can you provide a quote or estimate before you start work?

Don’t be scared to ask. Rather know up front what the cost will be so that there are no surprises. If you have any questions regarding costs, this is the time to ask – before the job is done.

 2. Do you have additional charges for weekends & after hours?

Plumbing emergencies don’t normally occur during ‘work hours’. Don’t ask me why, it’s got something to do with good ol’ Murphy’s law. Blocked toilets, burst pipes and hot water issues can occur anytime – weekends, holidays or, heaven forbid, when the extended family are around with six kids in tow. Having a trustworthy good plumber on speed dial is pure gold.

 3. When can you get here?

Most plumbers answer their calls while they are working and could be a bit distracted. It’s important to be very clear when you are expecting them and confirm a time that you and your Plumber are happy with. In the plumbing trade we call it ‘booking in the job’’. Make sure your job is booked in.

 4. Are you licensed?

Queensland law has changed slightly over the past year to simplify the process for Consumers using trade services. As long as your plumber holds a QBCC license (previously called a QBSA), then you are good to go.


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