Buderim Plumber Testimonial

Buderim Plumber Testimonial

VIDEO: Watch a few of our customers online debut and find out what our Customers Say about us and why we are their first choice when it comes to a choosing a plumber on the Sunshine Coast. Don’t forget – You saw them here first.

WOODS Plumbing & Drainage: Your Buderim Plumber. Remember, if you need help with any plumbing issues or just looking for some great DIY plumbing tips, you have come to the right place.

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Blocked Drains? DRAIN UNBLOCKING SPECIAL: Get your FREE CCTV Inspection for every Drain Jetter Booked this month. Valued at $99.00.

Blocked Toilets? Is your toilet blocked? Flushed a bit too much toilet paper. There is a knack for unblocking a toilet. Sometimes it just needs a little pressure plunge. Watch our video on how to unblock your toilet. If it doesnt unblock or if your drains are running away slowly anywhere else in the house, this could mean a bigger blockage and bigger problem. We can get this sorted for you today – All Blocked toilets are considered an absolute EMERGENCY Plumbing issue for us.

Customer Testimonials? OK, so we would love to boast about how great we are and how much our customers love their Buderim Plumber, but we thought you’d prefer to hear from them direct (remember, if they ever make it big – you saw them here first)

News Just a bit of an update on whats happening in our world – from DIY plumbing tips, to random plumbing funnies and whats happening from a Buderim Plumber perspective. Keep updated on it all here,

 About Us – You never know, someone might read this page This is a page all about Woods Plumbing, what its like being a Buderim Plumber and me (Zane). Everyone needs one of these to feel a bit special.

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