Commercial Plumbing

The Largest Company of Commercial Plumbers on the Sunshine Coast

Plumbers Queensland has the resources to fulfill any commercial plumbing requirements. Our team are experienced in project management and resourcing to get any large job done quickly and efficiently.

We offer competitive rates for our commercial clients and currently have maintenance contracts within larger buildings such as shopping centres, nursing homes, schools, resorts and multi-level apartment buildings from Gympie to South Brisbane.

Some of our services include:

Thermostatic Mixing Valve Installation and Annual Testing

Commonly found in care facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes, these valves reduce and control the temperature of hot water to prevent scolding and by law need to be serviced annually to ensure that they are operating correctly.

Backflow Testing

A common hazard that occurs when the flow of the water from your water supply accidentally reverses direction. It can inadvertently interconnect with a source of pollutants which then enter your water supply. Backflow testing is required to be an annual service to ensure that you are protected.

General Installation and Maintenance

Plumbers Queensland and our commercial plumbers have vast experience installing and maintaining commercial grade and larger sized appliances such as gas cookers and hot water systems.

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