How to Fix Bad Bathroom Smells

How to Fix Bad Bathroom Smells

When your drains begin to emit bad bathroom smells, it is generally time to call in a plumber. If there is a bad smell coming from any of your bathroom fixtures, it’s a good indication that something is wrong with your septic system.

There is a waste trap under all plumbing fixtures to prevent sewer gases from coming up through the drain. The most common reason for bad bathroom smells or odours is that the waste trap is not doing it’s job.

How a Waste Trap Works to Stop Bad Bathroom Smells

Water sits in the drain trap and operates as a seal. Sometimes, however, this water will evaporate and this will leave the trap open for gases to escape into your bathroom.

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This is what happens when a trap is not doing its job.
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In warm weather climates or when a bathroom or toilet aren’t getting much use, this is a common problem.

Often, in these cases, you can just run the fixture i.e. shower or basin tap and the trap will collect the water and seal the drain. This will solve the problem of your bad bathroom smells.

If the smell does not go away after running water down the waste pipe, then this could be sign of a larger problem such as a build up of fat or grime in the waste pipe itself. This will need to be cleared out.

My first recommendation would be to pour either bleach or a mix of vinegar and baking soda down the offensive drain.

We don’t recommend using drain cleaners, only due to the fact that they are extremely caustic and dangerous if used incorrectly. The best result can normally be obtained by jetting or manually clearing any build up in the waste pipe.

Unfortunately, we often come across bathrooms that have not been installed correctly and some of the fixtures have not had a trap installed in the waste system at all. The only way to sort this out is to actually install a new waste trap beneath that fixture.

Don’t just live with a smelly bathroom. The smell is a result of sewer gases being emitted from the sewer system into your bathroom. From a Health and Safety perspective, we would recommend getting it checked out as soon as possible.