Are you Storm Ready Sunshine Coast?

Are you Storm Ready Sunshine Coast?

NOW is the Time to Get Storm Ready Sunshine Coast

Are you Storm Ready Sunshine Coast? Preparing your home and family for emergencies is something we all intend to ‘get to’. Now is that ‘Get To’ time. We all have the feeling that it can’t happen to us, and if it doesn’t, well Awesome.

But being prepared for emergencies is what makes the difference in those moments that matter. When it comes to extreme weather events on the Sunshine Coast, it’s not so much a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’. We all remember the storms a few years back. As a Sunshine Coast plumber, I got to see first hand how much damage was done.

The sad thing was, that much of this could have been prevented with a bit of preparation. The more prepared we all are, the faster we’ll bounce back afterwards.

Set aside a couple of hours to work through your ‘Storm Ready Sunshine Coast’ plans with your family. The Sunshine Coast council and QLD Government have done the hard work for you by putting together  an Emergency Kit to help your family get storm ready

Remember: Involve the family and keep safe this storm season. Prepare your household  with all 7 fact sheets available from These include:


Links and resources

Storm emergency contact numbers

  • 132 500 – SES assistance for storm and flood-related property damage
  • 000 (triple zero) – Life-threatening emergencies

Storm emergency contact websites

Fact sheets