Sunshine Coast – Hail Storm VIDEO

Sunshine Coast – Hail Storm VIDEO

Wow! If you were in Maroochydore or Buderim area this weekend, then I am sure you got to experience our Sunshine Coast Hail Storm first hand. Here’s some VIDEO footage from the Sunshine Coast Daily website.

We were lucky, hail only got to Golf ball size and didn’t do too much damage. Kids absolutely Loved the adventure. Our free range guinea pigs were a bit surprised. My wife had me running outside (In the hail) with my bike helmet on to make sure they were all safe. Forget my safety, just save the Guineas!

I have been called out for a ton of roofing jobs though, for customers who weren’t so lucky. On one home, a hail stone went right through a tiled roof. RIGHT THROUGH! We have had a couple of gutters smashed off and a ton of drainage inquiries.

If you need some plumbing work done as a result of the Hail, my recommendation is, that unless its leaking or an immediate problem, just sit tight for a bit. I think we have a few more days of storms and perhaps hail. Let it pass and then call me for a fix up. As I write this …. I can hear the thunder brewing. Sit tight, enjoy the rain.

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