Sunshine Coast Plumber Digs for Diamonds

Sunshine Coast Plumber Digs for Diamonds

Which Sunshine Coast Plumber to Call When you drop your Diamond Earring Down the Drain

So a Sunshine Coast lady customer called me in tears the other day (this happens more often than you would think). Her diamond earring had dropped down the basin plug hole. Luckily, she called me – The Sunshine Coast Plumber of choice :). I hate to blow my own horn, but I am pretty sure no other Sunshine Coast plumber would have had success with this one.

I arrived at her place in my full Superhero plumbing uniform (I am considering adding a cape to it). I put the camera down the plug hole and thought I could see something in the pipework. It had already passed through the trap, so we were going to need some innovative thinking.

I decided to try and drag it with the camera tip, but we needed something to help it stick to the tip to bring it up through the plug. I had some chewing gum in my car (loads of it as I was giving up smoking). Both my customer and her  husband, and myself chewed like crazy until we had a nice glob of chewing gum  ready to go. They handed me their gum and I stuck it on the end of the camera.

Then carefully, I managed to get the thing in the drain (we were still not certain that this was in fact the earring) to stick to the end of the camera. We all waited in silence as I lifted it up.

My customers had to leave the room due to the tension of the moment. It was a moment that deserved it’s own music score (like they have in the movies).

Sure enough, it was the diamond earring. I cleaned it up and delivered it intact and gum free.  Never have I had  such a happy customer. Honestly have to say, it was the best plumbing job I had this week.