My Toilet is making a Gurgling Sound

My Toilet is making a Gurgling Sound

If your toilet is making a gurgling sound, it is normally an ominous sign of blockages to come. Keep an eye on it and perhaps a plunger handy and perhaps write my number down (Zane the Plumber 0401 533 706).

Generally, toilets are pretty sensitive in nature – they can be working effectively for years and then the day you have a special guest come over, or the mother in law uses the guest bathroom … and they block. There are many reasons why a toilet may get blocked. With my 4 kids in the house, I am pretty sure that I have seen it all!

A Couple months ago, a customer called to say he had dropped his mobile phone down the toilet. I didn’t ask any questions. I called it. Mostly out of curiosity. We could hear the phone ringing through the pipe. It was lodged in the trap, so I just took out the toilet and retrieved the phone. It was still working. Amazing.

How do you know if you have a blocked toilet? Usually the first sign of a blocked is after a flushing when the water level takes longer than normal to lower. In some cases you may be able to unblock the toilet using a plunger. Save you a fortune if you learn this little Plumbing Skill.  

However, if this does not work, or the toilet blockage keeps reoccurring, you will require the services of a Toilet Technician i.e. Plumber, as it may be indicative that you have a bigger septic drainage problem that will need to be looked at. In that case, give me all on 0401 533 706 and I will come and take a look. At most, we will need to send down the jet blaster and use our CCTV Camera to see what the problem is.

My Top 3 Signs of a blocked toilet:

1. Toilet will not flush
2. Water level higher than usual
3. Water slow to drain out of the toilet