How to Turn off Water Supply at your Water Meter

How to Turn off Water Supply at your Water Meter

Burst Pipe? Can’t Turn Tap Off? Do you know how to turn off  water at your Water Meter?

Sunshine Coast Water comes to your home from large pipes running under the road or footpath. A smaller pipe will feed from it and run to your water meter at the boundary of your property. This water meter has a shut off valve, which is a simple lever that moves from On to Off positions.

Live in a house?

Your Water meter will be located near the front of your property near your mail box or where your property borders with your neighbours.

Live in an apartment block?

In units/apartments, there should be an isolation valve that controls your water. It’s usually under the laundry sink but also try under the kitchen sink. Look for a tap that appears to be doing nothing. Write its location and tape it to inside the pantry door.

Unfortunately, more often than I would like, there is no isolation valve. In this case, the water supply for the entire block will need to be shut off at the water main near the boundary of the property.

Test it

Turn off your isolation valve and open up a few taps. They should run dry after a short time. If they don’t, call WOODS Plumbing on 0401 533 706.

This knowledge will be very valuable in an emergency. It might save your flooring, time, stress and money, if you need to call a plumber for repairs.